Convert Data Type


You can customize the input/output port type of this Step, and the data type of the input port will be converted to the data type of the output port.

Usage Scenario

This Step is a general data conversion Step, with no fixed usage scenarios. It can be connected with other Steps according to actual data-type conversion requirements.

Input and Output

The input data type and the corresponding output data type(s) to which the input can be converted are listed in the table below. You can configure the ports of input data type and output data type according to the actual requirement.

Input Data Type Output Data Type




StringList, String, String


BoolList, String, NumberList


BoolList, StringList, NumberList


BoolList, StringList, String, Variant, VariantList




BoolList, StringList, String, NumberList, VariantList


BoolList, StringList, String, NumberList, Variant



The figure below shows an example of converting NumberList to BoolList.

convert data type input and output

Parameter Description

  1. The Step does not have any input port or output port when it is just dragged to the graphical programming workspace, as shown below.

    convert data type initial state
  2. Go to the Step Parameters panel, select the input data type and output data type in the drop-down lists, and then corresponding ports will be added to the Step.

    convert data type select data type
  3. Connect Steps.

    An example of possible connection is shown below.

    convert data type connection step

    You should pay attention to the dependency relationship between input port and output port while using this Step:

    • When you change the data type of either the input or the output port, if the new data type cannot be converted to/from the data type of the other port, the data type of this other port is reset.

    • If the data type of a port is changed (including the reset mentioned above), connection(s) to this port is deleted, and you will need to reconnect the Steps.

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