Welcome to Mech-Viz user manual!

Mech-Viz is a dynamic path planning software for industrial robots. It generates a collision-free robot motion path dynamically based on the vision result received from the vision service. With the intuitive graphical interface of the software, it is easy to get started with it even you do not have a background in programming. The software supports one-click simulation, and it is integrated with tools used for collision detection, carton combination, vacuum gripper smart offset, mixed case palletizing, and others, which can meet the requirements of various industrial scenarios.

This manual consists of the following contents:

Quick Facts of Mech-Viz


Relevant fundamentals including project and pose.

User Interface

Mech-Viz user interface details.

Getting Started

Example project usage and general process of project creation.

Project Creation Process

1. Configuration of the Project Resources

Configuration of the resources in the project including robot, tool, workobject, and scene.

2. Build a Workflow

An overview of building a workflow, fundamental operation, and example of building a workflow.

3. Project Simulation and Improvement

Instructions for the use of collision detection, project simulation, plan history, and log.


Step Library

The function of the Steps, usage scenarios, parameter description, and application examples.

Built-in Tools

The operation guide of built-in tools such as Model Editor, Robot Model Library, Master-Control Robot, Array Gripper Configurator, and Depalletizing Vacuum Gripper.


Save and use vision records, create and import the robot model, option settings, and display settings.