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Product Introduction

Mech-Eye 3D Laser Profiler (“laser profiler”) is developed by Mech-Mind and can output high-quality intensity images, depth maps, and point clouds, suitable for applications of high-accuracy inspection and measurement in industries such as consumer electronics, automobile, EV battery, and home appliances.

You can configure and control the laser profiler through the graphical interface software Mech-Eye Viewer or the application programming interface Mech-Eye API developed by Mech-Mind. Mech-Eye Viewer is only available on Windows.

Meanwhile, the laser profiler is also compliant with the GenICam standard and can be controlled by third-party machine vision software also compliant with the GenICam standard (“GenICam clients”).

How the Laser Profiler Works

The following topics provide the basic knowledge on laser profiler, including how the laser profiler scans an object and generates data, as well as how the laser profiler can be integrated to work with other devices in a system. These topics are the foundation for understanding how to use and configure the laser profiler.

extended reading
Scanning mechanism of the laser profiler

Understand how the laser profiler scans an object and generates data

extended reading
Methods for triggering data acquisition

Understand how the laser profiler can be integrated into a system

extended reading

Getting started with the laser profiler

Use the Laser Profiler

The following topics provide instructions on using Mech-Eye Viewer or Mech-Eye API to adjust the parameters of the laser profiler and acquire data.

eye viewer
Mech-Eye Viewer User Guide

Use Mech-Eye Viewer to adjust parameters and acquire data

eye api
Mech-Eye API User Guide

Understand the functional hierarchy and operation workflow of Mech-Eye API


The following topics provide reference information such as the technical specifications of the laser profiler and after-sales support.

eye profiler

eye support

eye support

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