Mech-MSR Software User Manual

Welcome to Mech-MSR Software User Manual!

Mech-MSR is a software designed for 3D measurement and inspection. It can work with the Mech-Eye 3D Laser Profiler to deploy various 3D measurement and inspection applications, such as 3D geometric measurement, height measurement, 3D defect inspection, and object counting. The software has various built-in measurement algorithms and features, and it boasts a user-friendly interface. Users can apply the software to rapidly achieve one-stop, end-to-end deployment of applications.

This manual consists of the following contents:

Release Notes

Release Notes

New features, improvements, and resolved issues of the latest Mech-MSR version.

Installation Guide

Software downloading, installation, uninstallation, and repair.

User Guides

Quick Guide to Mech-MSR

Relevant operations including solution library, solution, project, and Steps.

Step Reference Guide

Description, usage scenarios, workflow, and parameter description of Steps.

Tool User Guide

User guides to the data viewer and 2D model editor.

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