IPC Models

Mech-Mind provides different models of industrial personal computers (IPCs) that suit various application scenarios.

You can choose the desired IPC model based on your application scenario and the technical specifications of different IPC models.

Application Scenarios

This section compares the application scenarios of different Mech-Mind IPC models.

Product model Application scenarios Order number

Applies to:

  • Normal depalletizing, loading and unloading projects

  • Projects that use CPU for deep learning inference:

    • Image classification;

    • Instance segmentation;

    • Object detection;

    • Defect detection (slow cycle);

    • Fast positioning;

    • Text detection;

    • Text recognition;

    • Unsupervised segmentation.

  • IPCW-i5-16G-512G-EU

  • IPCW-i5-16G-512G-US

  • IPCW-i5-16G-512G-UK

  • IPCW-i5-16G-512G-JP

  • IPCW-i5-16G-512G-KR

Applies to:

  • Scenarios that use GPU for deep learning inference:

    • Edge segmentation by AI (steel plate picking);

    • Recognizing picking points based on PickAnything (including any object sorting, express package infeed, medicine box picking, and wire harness picking);

    • Predicting object poses (Sim2Pick);

  • Scenarios with higher performance requirements for deep learning:

    • Defect detection projects (fast cycle);

    • Excessive number of instances to segment each time (e.g. more than 80 masks in a single masking);

    • Scenarios that are highly dependent on segmentation accuracy (e.g., directly calculating coordinates with masks but the masks are jagged and imprecise for CPU inference);

  • Scenarios that need to display 3D animation all the time (exhibitions).

  • IPCW-i5-16G-512G-1660S-EU

  • IPCW-i5-16G-512G-1660S-US

  • IPCW-i5-16G-512G-1660S-UK

  • IPCW-i5-16G-512G-1660S-JP

  • IPCW-i5-16G-512G-1660S-KR

Applies to:

  • Deep learning model training;

  • High-performance requirement for deep learning inference using GPU.

  • IPCW-i5-32G-256G+1T-3060-EU

  • IPCW-i5-32G-256G+1T-3060-US

  • IPCW-i5-32G-256G+1T-3060-UK

  • IPCW-i5-32G-256G+1T-3060-JP

  • IPCW-i5-32G-256G+1T-3060-KR

Technical Specifications

Model Mech-Mind IPC STD Mech-Mind IPC ADV Mech-Mind IPC PRO



Intel® Core i5-12400 2.5GHz (6 cores)


Intel® R680E

Intel® H610

Intel® H610


16 GB DDR4

16 GB DDR4

32 GB DDR4

GPU card

No discrete graphics card

GeForce® GTX 1660S

GeForce® RTX 3060


512 GB SSD

512 GB SSD

256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD

Operating system

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021

Wireless network

2 x External WiFi antennas



External interfaces

Network ports

4 x Intel® I225 2.5 GbE

1 x Intel® I219 LM GbE

1 x Intel® I225V 2.5 GbE

1 x Intel® I219 LM GbE

1 x Intel® I225V 2.5 GbE

USB ports

8 x USB 3.2 Gen 2

2 x USB 3.2 GEN1

2 x USB 3.2 GEN2

4 x USB 2.0

2 x USB 3.2 GEN1

2 x USB 3.2 GEN2

4 x USB 2.0

Serial ports

4 x RS232

2 x RS232/422/485

2 x RS232/422/485

2 x RS232/422/485

Digtial IO

15-pin DIO



Display interfaces






230 mm x 256 mm x 76 mm

484 mm x 435.5 mm x 176 mm

484 mm x 435.5 mm x 176 mm

Weight (net/gross)

3.33 kg/3.7 kg

13.2 kg/17.1 kg

13.2 kg/17.1 kg


Power supply

Adapter AC input: 100-240 V, 2.3 A, 50-60 Hz

Adapter DC output: 19.0 V, 9.47 A, 180.0 W

AC Input: 100-240 V AC, 5-10 A, 50-60 Hz

AC Input: 100-240 V AC, 5-10 A, 50-60 Hz

Rated output power

180 W

500 W

750 W


Operating environment

Operating temperature: -20°C to 45°C; humidity: 10% to 95%; non-condensing

Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C; humidity: 10% to 95%; non-condensing

Storage environment

Storage temperature: -40°C to 85°C; humidity: 10% to 95%; non-condensing

Storage temperature: -30°C to 70°C; humidity: 5% to 95%; non-condensing

Safety & Certification






Warranty period

One year

One year

One year

  1. For more information about certification, please contact Mech-Mind Technical Support.

  2. If the technical specifications in the preceding table do not meet your project requirements, please contact Mech-Mind Technical Support to get more information about customized IPCs.

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