Typical Case Practices of 3D Measurement and Inspection

Mech-Mind typical case practices are practical application guides derived from numerous successful use cases in various application scenarios. This manual will guide you step by step to easily deploy typical 3D measurement and inspection applications.

Overview of a Typical Application Deployment Process

The solution library of Mech-Mind provides a wealth of typical solutions. You can select suitable typical applications according to application scenarios, and then quickly complete the deployment of 3D measurement and inspection applications.

The following figure shows the general process of typical application deployment.

3d measurement deployment workflow

During the solution design stage, you need to assess the risks a 3D measurement and inspection application might encounter in actual project deployment, then design a solution that meets the project’s requirements.

The deployment of the 3D measurement and inspection solution refers to applying the typical application cases to your actual project according to the solution design, including the entire process from the hardware setup to the final measurement and inspection.

For more information about each stage of application deployment, see Learning Guidance for 3D Measurement and Inspection.

Guidance on Typical Case Practices

Cap-Terminal Height Measurement for Battery Cells

Defect Inspection for Brake Pads (Blob Analysis)

Hole Measurement for Metal Parts

Pin Counting

Pin Height Measurement

Smartphone Midplate Flatness Measurement

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