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Mech-DLK SDK is a secondary development software kit specifically designed to be used with Mech-DLK. Its main purpose is to help developers easily do deep learning inference in their software systems. With Mech-DLK SDK, developers can rapidly deploy deep learning models and flexibly integrate deep learning functionality into their own applications without reliance on Mech-Vision. You can use the provided APIs to build applications in C#, C++, and C languages.

You can apply Mech-DLK SDK for the inference based on models exported from Mech-DLK (version 2.4.2 or above).

Release Notes

Mech-DLK SDK 2.0.3

New Features

  • Added C, C++, and C# APIs for the Unsupervised Segmentation module.

  • Added C, C++, and C# APIs for the Text Detection module.

  • Added C, C++, and C# APIs for the Text Recognition module.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the index issue that occurred when parsing the result of multi-image inference.

  • Fixed the issue of abnormal results caused by creating the same inference engine for multiple times.

  • Added required third-party DLLs.


This manual consists of the following chapters. Click to view the details according to your needs:

No. Chapter Content


Installation Guide

View the system requirements and obtain Mech-DLK SDK and the third-party libraries and resources it depend upon.


Get Started

Learn to use Mech-DLK SDK for inference with a defect segmentation model.


Sample Usage Guide

Learn about the types of samples and prerequisites to run these samples and build and run these samples.


API Reference

See the API reference of multiple languages.



View the frequently asked questions.

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