This section introduces every option in the toolbar.




Run the simulated robot with the vision service or vision records.


Run a real robot.


Stop the execution of the current project.

Keep Last Exec State

Used for debugging in palletizing scenarios to allow a resumption of palletization from where robots left off.

Master-Control Robot

Establish connections with real robots.

Sync Robot

Synchronize the pose of the simulated robot with that of the real robot.

Operator Mode

Increase the efficiency of software operation if the operator mode is selected.

Attempt Count

The number of attempts per pose when picking

Model Editor

Open the model editor.


Set the robot velocity.


Set the robot acceleration.

The efficiency of software operation can be increased mainly through the following two points in the operator mode:

  • Downsample the display of point clouds, and close the octree display to reduce the rendering load.

  • When the volume of collision with point cloud exceeds the threshold, skip the remaining calculations without recording it in the plan history.