YASKAWA Basic Operation

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This topic introduces some basic operations of Kawasaki robots.

Set Tool at the Vision Point

In this example, Tool No.1 is set for P071 Position Register.

The pose data of Tool 0 must be all 0. Namely, Tool 0 has a flange pose. Do not change the pose data of Tool 0.
  1. In the teach mode, select a program and click VARIABLE  POSITION(ROBOT).

    define tcp 1
  2. In the POSITION VARIABLE interface, click PAGE.

    define tcp 2
  3. On the pop-up keyboard, select Dec, input 71 (indicating P071 Position Register), and click Enter.

    define tcp 3
  4. Click the blank box next to “#P071” to choose the reference frame. Select ROBOT in the drop-down menu.

    define tcp 4
  5. Click TOOL. Input 1 (indicating using tool No.1) with the pop-up keyboard. Click Enter.

    define tcp 5

    When the configuration is done, the interface is as follows.

    define tcp 6

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