YASKAWA Setup Instructions

This guide shows you how to set up Master-Control communication with a YASKAWA robot.

The following instructions are based on YRC1000 controller. Details may differ for other teach pendant of the YASKAWA robot.

Check Controller and Software Compatibility

  • Ensure that the robot controller and the controller system software version comply with the following requirements.

    Controller Controller system software version





  • Requirements: To load the master-control program files, the Robot must have the MotoPlus and Ethernet functions enabled.

    The program file varies for YASKAWA robots of different series.

Set up the Network Connection

Connect the Hardware

For YRC1000 controller, plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN2 (CN106) port.

For YRC1000 controller:

  • The LAN1 port is used to connect the teach pendant only and cannot be used to connect the IPC Ethernet cable.

  • If the LAN2 port is occupied, please use LAN3 (CN107) instead, to connect the IPC Ethernet cable.

Set the IP Address

  1. Press and hold the MAIN MENU key and power the robot to enter the maintenance mode.

    set ip 1
    The system enters the normal startup mode if you do not press the MAIN MENU key.

    set ip 2
    set ip 3
  3. Enter the password (the default password is sixteen 9s), and then click Enter to enter MANAGEMENT MODE.

    set ip 4
    set ip 5

    set ip 6
    set ip 7
    set ip 8
  5. In the drop-down menu of IP ADDRESS SETTING(LAN2), select MANUAL SETTING, and set a proper IP ADDRESS and SUBNET MASK.

    set ip address 1
    set ip address 2
    • The IP address of LAN2 should belong to the same subnet as the IPC.

    • The subnet mask should be

  6. Press the ENTER key on the teach pendant, and then click YES in the pop-up message.

    set ip address 3

Load the Program Files to the Robot

Before you start loading the program file to the robot, please perform file backup as needed. For detailed instructions, please refer to the operator’s manual of the YASKAWA controller.

Prepare the Files

  1. Navigate to Mech-Center/Robot_Server/Robot_FullControl/yaskawa from the installation directory of Mech-Mind Software Suite, and copy the program file (yrc1000.out) and paste it to the root directory of your flash drive.

  2. Plug the USB flash drive with the program file into the USB port on the back of the teach pendant.

    Copy the program file suitable for the used controller.

Load the Files

  1. Under the Maintenance mode, select MotoPlus APL  DEVICE  USB:Pendant.

    begin to load 1
    begin to load 2
  2. Select MotoPlus APL  LOAD(USER APPLICATION). Select the OUT file , press the ENTER key, and click YES in the pop-up window to start loading the program.

    begin to load 3
    begin to load 4
    begin to load 5
  3. After the installation, select MotoPlus APL  FILE LIST. You can see the installed file here.

    begin to load 6
    begin to load 7
  4. Restart the controller (without pressing the MAIN MENU key) to enter the normal mode so that the YRC1000.out file can automatically run in the background. Turn the mode switch key to PLAY, and Mech-Center will be connected with the robot.

    begin to load 8

Test Robot Connection

Please refer to Test Robot Connection.

As the robot will move at 100% velocity by default, it is recommended to adjust its velocity before running the corresponding Mech-Viz project.

Adjusting velocity should be performed in the normal mode.
  1. Click JOB  SELECT JOB.

    change speed 1
    change speed 2
  2. Select any job in the JOB LIST, and then press the SELECT key on the teach pendant and enter the following interface.

    change speed 3
  3. Select UTILITY  SPEED OVERRIDE, and then select the SPEED ADJUSTMENT bar.

    change speed 4
    change speed 5
    You cannot modify the parameters if the SPEED ADJUSTMENT bar is not selected.
  4. Press SPEED ADJUSTMENT and then OFF, press the SELECT key to switch MODIFY to ON.

    change speed 6

    You cannot adjust the velocity if MODIFY is not switched to ON.

  5. Similarly, press the number after RATIO, and press the SELECT key to change the speed ratio. Press the Enter key to save the change.

    change speed 8
  6. The interface after the velocity is adjusted is as follows.

    change speed 9

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