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This guide shows you how to set up Master-Control communication with a NACHI robot.

Check Controller and Software Version

  • There is no specific requirements on the version of robot controller

Set up the Network Connection

Connect the Hardware

Plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of the robot controller to connect it with the IPC.

hardware connection

Change the Protecting Level

  1. Open the teach pendant and press the **icon r key, as shown below.

  2. Enter 314 in the box as shown below, and then press **icon enter (Enter key) on the teach pendant.

    change degree 1
    change degree 2
  3. Enter the default password 12345 in the box, and then press **icon enter key on the teach pendant to change into SPECIALIST level.

    change degree 3
  4. A pop-up window as shown below suggests that you have successfully changed the protecting level and all functions can be used from now on.

    change successfully

Set the IP Address

  1. Go to Constant Setting  8 Communication  2 Ethernet  1 TCP/IP to configure TCP/IP Settings.

    set ip 1
    set ip 2
  2. On the interface of TCP/IP Settings, enter the robot IP address in the IP Address box.

    set ip 4
    The robot IP should be in the same subnet as the IPC. If you need to set the static IP, please contact the network administrator.

Load the Program Files to the Robot

Prepare the Files

Copy the master-control program files (The files are stored in: xxx{company} Software Suite-x.x.x{product-center}\Robot_Server\Robot_FullControl\nachi) of NACHI robot with a USB flash drive.

program files
Please rename the MZ12-01-A.120 file according to the actual robot model name. For example, when loading the file to the SRA166-1 robot, rename the file as SRA166-1-A.120, and then copy and paste it into your flash drive.

Load the File to the Robot

  1. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the back of the teach pendant, as shown below.

    insert disk
  2. On the teach pendant, go to File  File Copy.

    select file
    copy file
  3. Device (src) is the folder of the USB flash drive. Select the folder where the program files are stored under Device (src) and the PROGRAM folder under Device (dest) In the Program column, click Select All File.

    select all file
    The teach pendant is a touchscreen display. You can tap the screen directly to perform operations.
  4. Press on Execute to import files.

  5. If the following messages appear on the screen, the program files have been loaded successfully.

    success 1
    success 2
    Please reboot the robot after exiting the program.

Convert the Program File

  1. Go back to the main interface, press on Service Utilities  ASCII File Edit to edit the ASCII files.

    service utilities
    ascii file edit
  2. Select the file and press on Execute. Please perform the same operation on all three files in turn, and you can only start executing after the previous execution is completed.

    execute file
  3. After pressing on Execute, a window as below will pop up, and then select Yes.

    execute file 2
  4. After converting the program file to the robot language, a message as shown below will appear.

    execute success

Designate the Program

  1. Return to the main interface, go to Monitor2  User Task  User Task Monitor.

    set up
    set up 2
    set up 3
  2. Now you can see the User Task Monitor as shown in ④ below. Press the icon edit key on the teach pendant, and then the User Task Monitor (⑥) line will turn orange, suggesting that it is editable now. Enter 21 in the first line in the Program column, and enter 22 in the second line. Then, press icon edit key.

    task monitor
    set up 4
    set up 5
    set up 6
    If the robot cannot move in a smooth way, please change the priority level of the program 21 from 4 to 5.
  3. Select the Status column, and press icon plus and icon 1 keys at the same time.

    set up 7
    set up 8
  4. Go to Program  Designated Program, enter 120 in the box, and then press **icon enter key. The designated program will appear in the Program panel and User Task Monitor.

    set up 9

Start the robot

There are 2 types of controller for NACHI robots, which are the FD controller and the CFD controller.

  • If you are using an FD controller, follow the steps below.

    1. Turn the key on the controller and orientate it to the position ①.

      run 1
    2. Turn the selector switch to the position as shown below. Press the green button and white button in turn to start the robot.

    run 2
  • If you are using a CFD controller, follow the steps below.

    1. Turn the selector switch to the position as shown below.

      run 2
    2. Press Teach/Play Condition in the upper right corner.

      run 3
    3. Set MotorsON/START sel.source to Controller and Sync. w/operation mode to Disabled.

      run 4
    4. Press the ENABLE and I keys together, and the indicator of the I key will be on.

      run 5
    5. Press the ENABLE, SHIFT, and GO keys together. If the blue line moves in the program window, the program is started and running.

    run 6
After all the master-control program files have been loaded, you can start Mech-Center and connect to the robot.

Test Robot Connection

Please refer to Test Robot Connection.

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