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This example program triggers the Mech-Vision project to run and moves the robot to the received vision point.

Please make sure that the Lua script is running in the background. Otherwise, the communication between the robot and the Software Suite cannot be established.

Program Logic

WAIT B099 = 0
SET B105 1
//set project id
// SET B108 1
// //recipe id
// SET B099 3
// //set recipe
// WAIT B099 = 0
SET B106 0
//run vision expect num of pose
SET B107 2
//run vision pose type
SET B099 1
//start vision
WAIT B099 = 0
SET B099 2
//receive from vision
WAIT B099 = 0
SET B099 8
//set pose to v101-v120
WAIT B099 = 0
// MOVL V101 V=100MM/S CR=0.000MM
  • Line 3: Set Mech-Vision project No. 1 as the project to be executed.

  • Line 5: Set the parameter recipe to be used in the Mech-Vision project.

  • Line 7: Send the command for switching Mech-Vision parameter recipe.

  • Line 10: Set the number of vision points to obtain (0 means to obtain all vision points or the first 20 if more than 20 are available).

  • Line 12: Set the type of pose to send to Mech-Vision (2 means to send the current TCP).

  • Line 14: Send the command for triggering the Mech-Vision project to run.

  • Line 17: Send the command for obtaining vision points.

  • Line 20: Send the command for storing the obtained vision poses from Mech-Vision in variables V101 to V120.

  • Line 23: Move the robot to the vision pose stored in V101. Modify the command and/or add more robot motion commands according to actual needs.

Run the mm_vis_pick_and_place program

Open Needed Variables

As the vision poses received from Mech-Vision will be stored in variables V101 to V120, please open these 20 variables first according to the following steps.

  1. On the teach pendant, press Monitor  Global variables  Var_V.

    elite example1
  2. If the dot in the Status column is red, the variable is not opened. Select a closed variable, and press Open in the lower left to open it.

    elite example2
  3. Press Quit to return to the home page.

Select Program

On the home page, select the mm_vis_pick_and_place program, and press Open.

elite example vis

Run the Program

  1. Move the cursor to the first line of the program, and turn the key to PLAY.

  2. Press the yellow button in the lower right of the teach pendant to start the servo motors, and then press the green button to run the program automatically.

    elite example4
  3. If the program is running successfully, the received vision poses will be stored in the variables starting from V101.

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