This section introduces the Standard Interface communication for UR robots.

The Mech-Mind Vision System seamlessly integrates with UR robots by using Mech-Mind 3D Vision Interface, a URCap plugin that provides out-of-the-box program nodes such as calibration, pick and place. You only need to do some easy drag-and-drop programming to develop vision-guided programs.


The compatible versions of PolyScope and Mech-Mind Software Suite for the URCap 1.5.0 plugins are shown in the table below. Please select the URCap plugin file according to the version of PolyScope used by the robot.

URcap Plugin File PolyScope Version Mech-Mind Software Suite Version Reference


e-Series: 5.9 or above (below 6.0)

1.7.2 or above

CB-Series: 3.14 or above


e-Series: 6.0 or above

1.7.2 or above


e-Series: 5.3 or above (below 6.0)

1.6.1 or above

CB-Series: 3.9 or above

  • URCap plugin 1.5.0 (1.5.0.urcap and 1.5.0.urcapx) is supported in Mech-Mind 1.7.2.

  • In UR PolyScope 6 system, the file extension of URCap plugin is .urcapx. PolyScope 6 is no longer compatible with the previous .urcap file.

Compared with URCap plugin 1.4.6, URCap plugin 1.5.0 has the following new features:

  • Can get the planned path from the “Path Planning” Step in Mech-Vision.

  • Support inputting the project ID, parameter recipe number, branch number, and exit port number by using variables.

  • Support receiving various output results from Mech-Vision, such as Basic (vision points and labels), Custom (vision points, labels, and data output by custom ports), and Planned path (waypoints and labels output by the “Path Planning” Step).