3D Exposure Assistant

This tool is used for obtaining the recommended values for the Exposure Time parameter in the 3D Parameters category.

Currently, only one exposure time can be calculated.

Follow these steps to use 3D Exposure Assistant:

  1. Check the values of the Depth Range and ROI parameters in the Parameters tab: Make sure that the target object is in the set depth range and ROI.

  2. Double-click Auto Set to the right of 3D Parameters in the Parameters tab, or click 3D Exposure Assistant in the Tools menu in the menu bar to open 3D Exposure Assistant.

  3. Adjust the ROI. 3D Exposure Assistant will calculate the exposure time automatically based on this ROI. Please select the area where the target objects are located and avoid including irrelevant objects as much as possible. Then, click Next Step to apply the ROI.

    Drag the selection box to move it. Drag the handles on the box to adjust its size.
  4. Click Calculate exposure time to calculate the time of a single exposure. The result will be displayed in the Calculation result area.

  5. Check the quality of the depth map and point cloud in the image area on the left:

    • If the quality satisfies your requirements, click Apply to apply the calculation result to the 3D Parameters category.

      If the Exposure Multiplier parameter is set to a value greater than 1, its value will be changed to 1 after the calculation result is applied.
    • If the quality does not satisfy your requirements, click Back and repeat steps 2 to 4.

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