Obtain Textured Point Cloud

This topic introduces how to obtain the textured point cloud with the obtain_textured_point_cloud sample on Windows.

Please refer to Usage Guide for HALCON Samples to obtain the samples and check the prerequisites for using the samples.

Data Types

This sample obtains the data in the Range and Intensity channels. The data in these channels are described below.

  • Range: a 2D image containing the X, Y and Z values of points. This channel cannot be disabled.

  • Intensity: The color or monochrome 2D image used to texture the point cloud.

The pixels of the images in the two channels are perfectly aligned and can be used to generate textured point cloud directly.

If you need to set capture regions (Width, Height, OffsetX and OffsetY parameters) for the images in the two channels, make sure that the parameter values are identical. Otherwise, the pixels of the two images will not be aligned, and the images cannot be used to generate textured point cloud directly.

Obtain Textured Point Cloud

Follow these steps to obtain the textured point cloud:

  1. Open the sample in HDevelop: Open HDevelop, and drag the sample into HDevelop.

  2. Step over the program (click the step over button in the toolbar repeatedly), until the Variable Inspect: MechEyeCamers window pops up.

  3. This window displays all the available cameras. Double-click the camera that you want to connect, and copy the name after unique_name: or user_name:.

    camera name
    user_name is the custom camera name. You can customize the camera name in Mech-Eye Viewer.
  4. Locate the following line, and replace MechEye with the copied unique_name or user_name.

    DeviceInfo := 'MechEye'
  5. Run the sample by clicking run in the toolbar or pressing the F5 key.

  6. When the obtained textured point cloud is displayed in the Graphics Window, click the Continue button in this window to resume the execution of the program.

  7. View the textured point cloud in the ObjectModel3D variable.

For DEEP (V4) and LSR (V4) series, the 2D image (texture) is obtained for texturing the point cloud by default. If you want to use the 2D image (depth source) instead, please locate the following line and activate (uncomment) it.

set_framegrabber_param (AcqHandle, 'SourceSelector', 'Monochrome')