Firmware Upgrade Tool

With this tool, you can upgrade the camera firmware on Ubuntu directly, simplifying the processing of firmware upgrade.

The firmware upgrade tool can be obtained from Mech-Mind Download Center.

The firmware upgrade tool consists of two parts: an executable file named firmware_upgrader and a compressed file named mmind_eye_v2.3.3.

Follow these steps to upgrade the firmware:

  1. Execute the following command to give execute permission to the firmware upgrade tool.

    chmod 777 xxx/firmware_upgrader
  2. Execute the following command to upgrade the firmware.

    sudo xxx/firmware_upgrader xxx/
    • Enter the path of firmware_upgrader first, followed by the path of Otherwise, the firmware upgrade tool cannot be executed.

    • The two paths must be separated by a space. Otherwise, the firmware upgrade tool cannot be executed.

  3. Input the index of the camera whose firmware needs to be upgraded according to the instruction, and press Enter to connect to the camera. The firmware will be automatically upgraded after the camera is connected.

If the firmware upgrade failed, please retry or contact Technical Support.

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