IP Configuration Tool

With this tool, you can modify the IP configuration of the camera on Ubuntu directly, simplifying the processing of IP configuration.


In order to use the IP configuration tool, the following prerequisites must be satisfied:

Download and install Mech-Eye SDK 2.2.0 or above to obtain the IP configuration tool.

The IP configuration tool is an executable file named ip_configurator, located in /opt/mech-mind/mech-eye-sdk/bin.

The IP configuration tool is independent from Mech-Eye SDK. You can move this executable file to another location and run it on its own.


Follow these steps to modify the IP configuration of the camera:

  1. Execute the following command to run the IP configuration tool: Replace the path with the actual path where the ip_configurator executable file is located.

    sudo /opt/mech-mind/mech-eye-sdk/bin/ip_configurator
  2. Input the index of the camera whose IP configuration needs to be modified according to the instruction, and press Enter to connect to the camera.

  3. Select the IP address assignment method based on the prompt: 0 is to assign the IP address dynamically, and 1 is to set a static IP address.

    • To assign an IP address dynamically, proceed to step 6.

    • To set a static IP address, proceed to the next step.

  4. Enter the IP address to be set and press the Enter key.

  5. Enter the subnet mask to be set and press the Enter key. To set the subnet mask to, you can enter 0 and then press the Enter key.

  6. The old and new IP configuration of the camera will be printed in the window. Please check if the new IP configuration is correct:

    • If correct, enter 1 and press the Enter key to complete the IP configuration.

    • If incorrect, enter 0 and press the Enter key. The program will list all the available cameras again. Please go back to step 2 and repeat the process.