Usage Guide for HALCON Samples

Using the HALCON samples provided by Mech-Mind, you can complete procedures including camera connection, data acquisition, and hand-eye calibration.

Sample Introduction

Mech-Mind provides the following HALCON samples:

  • connect_to_camera_and_capture_images: Connect to the camera, adjust parameters, and acquire the 2D image and point cloud.

  • configure_camera_ip_address: Obtain and modify the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway settings of the camera.

  • obtain_depth_map: Obtain the depth map, which is a 2D image that contains only the Z values of the points. Intended for reducing cycle time.

  • obtain_textured_point_cloud: Obtain 3D data and the 2D image used for texturing the point cloud, and then construct the textured point cloud.

  • hand_eye_calibration: Perform hand-eye calibration. Contains two samples, determine_calibration_poses and perform_hand_eye_calibration.

  • obtain_point_cloud_with_normals: Obtain the point cloud with normals.

Obtain Samples

HALCON samples are included in the installation path of Mech-Eye SDK or can be obtained from GitHub by cloning. The samples in the installation path are the version at the time of Mech-Eye SDK release. The version on GitHub may contain the latest changes.

  • The samples in the installation path are located in xxx/Mech-Eye SDK-2.3.2/API/samples/halcon/area_scan_3d_camera.

  • The samples cloned from GitHub are located in xxx/mecheye_halcon_samples/area_scan_3d_camera.


Before using the HALCON samples, please check if the following prerequisites are satisfied:

Sample Usage Guide

The following topics provide the guide for using each sample on Windows:

  • When using HALCON, if you encounter issues such as not being able to connect to the camera, you can refer to Troubleshooting for corresponding solutions.

  • If you encounter an issue not covered by the above topic, please visit Mech-Mind Online Community to get help (account registration and sign-in required).