Save Data

You can save the obtained 2D image, depth map and point cloud or the raw data from the camera.

Save Images

Save the obtained 2D image, depth map and point cloud.

For the DEEP (V4) and LSR (V4) series, only the 2D image (texture) can be saved, the 2D images (depth source) cannot be saved.

Click save in the data acquisition area to open the Save Images interface.

Option Description

Save to

Select the location for saving the data according to your needs.

Current Index

Set the index number at the end of the filename.

Data type

Select the data types to be saved according to your actual needs.

Overwrite Existing Files

When checked, if a file with the same name exists in the selected path, it will be replaced.

Use Last Obtained Data

When checked, the data last acquired will be saved. If unchecked, new data will be acquired and saved. Checked by default.


Click this button to save the selected data.

Open With Explorer

Open the path for saving the files.

Save can only be clicked after data types have been selected.

Save Raw Data of Camera

You can save the raw data acquired by the camera in MRAW format by clicking File  Save Raw Data of Camera.

The raw data can help Technical Support locate the causes of issues. Therefore, please save the raw data of the problematic capture before contacting Technical Support.

In addition, if you wish to adjust the Point Cloud Processing, Depth Range and ROI parameters later on, you can load the raw data through File  Start Virtual Camera and adjust these parameters. You can save the 2D image, depth map and point cloud from a virtual camera as well.