Mech-Eye Viewer provides a series of tools that facilitates you in using the camera. This topic introduces the functions and usages of the tools and provides detailed instructions.

Tool Function

Intrinsic Parameter Tool

Check if the camera intrinsic parameters are accurate, correct the intrinsic parameters, and reset to factory intrinsic parameters.

Exposure Assistant

Obtain the recommended combination of exposure parameter values in 3D Parameters.

Depth Analyzer

Check the quality of the depth data.

Check and Configure 2D Cameras

Check and configure the 2D cameras.

Camera Firmware Upgrade

Update the camera firmware.

FOV Calculator

Calculate camera FOV based on the working distance.

Custom Reference Frame

Define a custom reference frame used for displaying the depth map and point cloud.

Camera Controller

Check the project firmware version, time, and temperature of the camera and change the image resolution.

Full Pallet Simulator

Check if the top layer of a full load on a pallet is entirely located within the camera FOV.

Check the Toolbar option in the View menu to display the toolbar that provide quick access to the tools.

Click More Tools in the toolbar to select which tools to be displayed. Click OK to save the changes.