Failure to Open OpenGL Windows due to Problematic Graphics Setting


OpenGL and related windows could not be opened successfully. The possible scenario and error messages are described as follows:

  • When the user opened Matching Model and Pick Point Editor in Mech-Vision, a white screen appeared, with an error message Fail to load libEGL in the log panel.

  • Mech-Vision could not start the calibration program normally and displayed error messages about OpenGL.

  • When the user set 3D ROI on Mech-Vision, the setting interface crashed or the white screen of death appeared.

Affected Software Versions:

All Mech-Vision versions

Possible Cause:

  • Setting for the graphics card driver were incorrect.

  • Configurations were not up to standard when the IPC has two graphics cards.


Confirm whether the graphics card driver is properly installed. If the IPC has two graphics cards, you need to set up OpenGL rendering GPU and Power management mode.

Ways to check the graphics card driver are as follows:

  1. Right-click This PC on the desktop of the IPC and select Manage to enter the computer management page.

  2. Select Manage  Device Manager  Display adapters to check the installed graphics card driver.

    • If there is only NVIDIA GeForce xxxx under the Display adapters, that means the graphics card driver is installed successfully.

    • If there is Microsoft Basic Display Adapter under the Display adapters, that means the graphics card driver has not been installed or needs to be installed again. The driver can be updated automatically on Windows or through a third-party driver.

GPU setup for IPC with two graphics cards:

  1. Click nvidia_icon in the tray of the IPC to open the NVIDIA panel.

  2. Click the Program Settings tab on the 3D settings panel on the right.

  3. Click the Program Settings tab on the **3D settings** panel on the right.

  4. In the drop-down 1. Select a program to customize menu, find and select Mech-Vision. Follow these steps:

    1. Click Add to open the *Add* page.

    2. Click the View button at the bottom right on the page and select the installation path of Mech-Vision.

    3. Select mmind_vision.exe and click Open. The customized program adding will be completed successfully.

  5. Set related parameters in 2. Specify the settings for this program.

    • Set OpenGL rendering GPU to Use global setting (Auto select).

    • Set Power management mode to Prefer maximum performance.

  6. When the parameter setup is completed, click Apply to save the changes.