Modify Parameters of Procedures

You can modify the parameters of the Procedures according to different scenarios. The following instructions are based on the Procedure Point Cloud Preprocessing and mainly covers the following topics:

Right click on Point Cloud Preprocessing, and select Edit Procedure Parameters in the context menu.


Delete and Add Parameters

The parameters in the Parameter List correspond with those in the Step Parameter panel, as shown below.


Delete a Parameter

Click on the parameter that you want to delete and then click on icon_modifyparameter3, or right click on the parameter and select Delete in the context menu to delete the parameter. Select Yes in the pop-up window.


Click on Apply to save the setting, and then you will find that the parameter in the Step Parameter panel has disappeared.

Add a Parameter

  1. In the Edit Procedure Parameters window, click on + to open the Add a New Parameter window.

  2. Select a parameter of a Step. In this example, the parameter 3D ROI of the Step Extract 3D Points in 3D ROI is selected. Click on OK to save settings.

  3. The selected parameter will appear in the Parameter List. Click on Apply to apply the settings.

  4. Then you can see the newly added parameter in the Step Parameter panel.


Customize the Display Information of the Parameter

Open the Edit Procedure Parameters window as mentioned before. Click on the parameter in the Parameter List and go to the Parameter Info Customization tab.

You can edit the Display Name, Value Tooltip, and Key Tooltip. Click on Apply to save the editing.


The displayed parameter information after being modified is shown below.