Connect the Camera


  • Please connect the power cable last. The PWR indicator light should turn on after the cables are connected. If the light is not on, please contact Technical Support.

  • The recommended tightening torque for the bolts is 16 N·m.

  • The DIN rail power supply should be reliably grounded. If using multiple DIN rail power supplies, ensure enough distance in between.

  • When mounting the camera onto a robot arm or other mobile equipment, please fasten the DC and Ethernet cables on the camera end properly to avoid damaging the cables or connectors due to strain.

  • Ethernet Cable: Insert one end into the port on the IPC and the other into the ETH port on the camera.

  • Power Adapter: Insert the DC power cable connector of the adapter/DIN rail power supply into the DC 24V port, as shown below.


When inserting the Ethernet cable and power cable:

  1. Make sure the bump on the connector is aligned with the notch of the port.

  2. Tighten the nut after inserting the cable.

  • DIN Rail Power Supply


When wiring the DIN rail power supply, wires of the power cable must be inserted to the corresponding input/output connectors, as shown above.

  • The AC power cable has three wires: L, N, and PE (icon_pe).

  • The DC power cable has three wires: +V, -V and PE (icon_pe).


The PE wires must be properly grounded! Please install the DIN rail power supply inside a control cabinet.


If multiple cameras or IPCs need to be connected, a network switch can be used.